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It was an unusually beautiful Spring day and the blossoming Sakura trees beckoned to me more than I could resist. I was determined to slip out unaccompanied, so I ditched my usual garb for a discrete lavender cheong-sam dress, pinned up my hair with some matching flowered ornaments, and reluctantly traded my mirrored necklace for a more discrete amethyst and opal one. My biggest concession to the world outside the Palace was a pair of embroidered silk slippers.
I chose a route that would bypass Jiroushin’s office where, as usual, he sat slavishly perusing documents and laboriously arranging my schedule. I couldn’t help but grin to myself when I pictured the look on his face when he realized I had once again given him the slip. Don’t worry, I’ll make it up to him later on in the boudoir, dearies… he’ll forget that he was ever mad. Men are so simple.
I took a deep breath when I escaped the rarified air of the Palace, and made a beeline for the Tenkai High Street and the Bazaar. I had a mental list of things I wanted to shop for… several kinds of massage oil, brocades for new pillows for my chambers... I was on my way to find out if they had gotten any new toys in at the “novelty shop” when I caught sight of Konzen standing amidst a long row of wooden statues, scanning the horizon for something, his brow knitted and his expression even more pained and strained than usual. Really, I am going to have to get that boy to relax somehow, he is going to be the first god in Tenkai to die of premature old age!
It really was quite amusing to watch Konzen- he didn’t know I could see him. Apparently he had somehow lost Goku, and when he thought he had lost his pet, his face was a maelstrom of extreme annoyance, outright anger, and something I am sure he would deny, real concern. He was beginning to get quite frantic when the little simian suddenly appeared and hurled himself at my nephew, attaching himself to Konzen like a large golden-eyed leech. Of course at that point Konzen felt constrained to forgo any signs of relief and simply rip the poor child a new one for wandering off from him, but it was obvious he was really heaving a huge sigh of relief to have the boy back safely. It was all I could do to restrain myself from laughing out loud and revealing my observation post a few feet away from them in the Marketplace.
Equally amusing was the long-suffering Gojun. I must say I enjoyed watching the proud warrior trailing along through the Bazaar behind one of his wives, and not one of his more attractive ones, either, holding packages and rolling his eyes while she quibbled with vendors over purchases. He reminded me of some suburban underworld husband holding his wife’s purse in the local Mall. To see the proud Dragon commander relegated to that, it was just too delicious, darlings. But in a way, it was also kind of endearing, I must admit. But then it’s no secret the Goddess has always had a sneaker for the Dragon King… I’ve always wanted to know what the Pale One really looks like underneath all that armor and regal demeanor. Some day I will find out. 
Both Konzen and Gojun ended up taking refuge in a little tearoom – I would have loved to go in after them and torment them both about what I had seen, but alas, my schedule didn’t allow for such luxuries this afternoon if I was to get all my shopping in and still get back to the Palace undiscovered. Priorities, darlings - I hadn’t even gotten to the “novelty” shop to check out the new “toys” yet! But more on that later.
Taa for now, dears.


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